In an attempt to expose you to the vast knowledge that she has acquired over the years, Lee Logan offers personal consultations. In this, you may discuss all your hopes and dreams for the event while absorbing Lee’s knowledge of and passion for the event industry. This is the time to ask the questions and get the answers you’re looking for.

For the clients who wish to ‘event plan’ on their own, Lee Logan Events has the service for you as well. A consulting and guidance program can be specially designed and customized that will tailor to your specific needs and budget. In this, you will be able to absorb Lee’s knowledge and use it to create your own special event.

The expert advice and event planning guidance of Lee Logan is simply unmatched. Her portfolio of exceptional major event production includes the Presidential Elect party for President Bill Clinton. Accepting only the highest quality services for each event, an extraordinary outcome is always tried and achieved.

Providing personalized service is what Lee Logan Events is all about. Your consultation can take place wherever you would like. If you would prefer Lee to come to your venue of choice, she will be able to stand alongside you helping to visually conceptualize your future event with the space right in front of you. With Lee Logan Events, you have all the tools necessary to create something magical. Contact them today with any questions you may have or to set up a consultation.